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Mastering Content Marketing: Tips for Success

Content marketing is a powerful tool for any business that wants to build credibility and trust with their customers and prospects. By sharing your knowledge and your unique insights, you can engage with customers in a way that benefits them. Creating a valuable piece of content can help you establish yourself as an authority in […]

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Mobile Marketing – what could it mean for you?

There is no doubt that for many South Africans, their cellphone is something they just cannot leave home without. The cellphone of today is becoming more and more of a portable all-in-one device that can wake you up in the morning to begin with, keep you entertained with music and games, enable you to take […]

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How Socially Acceptable is your Social Media?

Doing social media the right way, is the only way to make it work… Well you could have thought of that opening line yourself, sure, I mean it seems way too obvious and really, it is. But Houston we have a problem. We are often contacted with requests to please manage social media content creation […]

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Why is Search Engine Optimised Content SO Important?

Search Engine Optimised Content puts you ahead of the rest… SEO – a term you’ve no doubt come across - is the acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Most people think, and they’re not far off, that this relates to keywords and Google. It does. SEO is however, fairly complex. We’re not going to delve into […]

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Based in Cape Town, South Africa, i-literate is a professional, full-service marketing collaboration of experienced creatives. We provide marketing support to small and medium size businesses, as well as individuals, across all industries. We provide an A-Z marketing service that is individualised and affordable. Our objective is to grow along with clients that value the positive impact an investment in really good marketing tools will have on their sustainability and bottom line.
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